Managing woollen and silk carpets

Many people like to have elegant looking furnishings at home. Be it curtains or carpets, rich-looking materials are the first preference. But these fabrics are not simple to clean. They need extra care and cost for proper management. For cleaning wet washing is the only option for such materials. Unless the manufacturer himself suggests other cleaning options, you should not go for them. If you wish to see your carpets in excellent condition, avoid some mistakes. And for carpet shampooing service, you can seek help from professionals.


The first mistake during washing is twisting. Many people turn their carpet to drain excess water. It will only cause wrinkles to your carpet. One thing you can do is roll-up the carpet in a towel. It will not only drain the water but will also keep it shining. Another issue with twisting is the rug will shrink.


The other thing to take care of is not to scrub it. If you do so, there will be marks on the carpet. What you can do is use white colour towels so to clean any stains. Using such cloth will ensure the original color of the rug. Apply the cleaning agent with soft hands and avoid brushing.

Warm water

Such sensitive fabrics are not for warm water washing. Instead, use lukewarm water that will ensure the color and size of the carpet. If you do not want your carpet to shrink and lose its color, remember this.

Type of cleaning

Silk fabrics are not for dry cleaning; instead, you should always prefer wet washing them. Even cleaning it in hands is much better than machines. These fabrics are delicate, and you must handle them with care. During hand washing, you can see the remaining stains which would not be visible otherwise.

Don’t hang them to dry

The easiest thing people do to dry-up carpet is to hang it. But this is not for silk carpets. Such practice will only make them lose their color. Instead, you can use fans and natural air, and they will help in maintaining the quality of fabrics.

Professionals are best

If you think you can’t handle such a carpet, you can always find a professional for it. The professionals will not only clean it but will also help to increase its life. You may have to pay a little more, but it will be worth it for sure.

Colours that will never be out of fashion

An updated and stylish home will garner more compliments to your personality style. There are many home decor ideas available and can be achieved by home designers, top furniture brands, and providers of home accessories. They contribute to decor ideas across the world to give your home an inspired look. 

The trends and fashion keep on changing, to keep up to date with the latest trends are very typical. So here is the colour palette for your interiors that will not vanish its popularity in any season. Get your home coloured in these and stay in trend forever!

Bright White

It is a smooth, subtle, and simple colour. Bright colours sometimes lend a happier look to space.  This colour is a pure, cool white shade that energizes the whole area. The fact that room walls are the most anticipated colour choice; this is the colour that will make it happier for anyone who likes to experiment or not.

Light Cream Colour

This colour highlights a calm, sophisticated personality that shines. The colour fits well when you add metallic-finished accent bits for glamorous aesthetic.

Bright Red

High-energy yet soothing and bold, this colour is among serious goals. The walls painted with this super high gloss paint show-stopping; feel fresh, warm, and chic for the walls in the room. That will make a bold statement. This colour is unexpected and will reflect versatile, calm, and beautiful look on walls.

Neutral Colour

A neutral colour scheme is still going to be classic and will guarantee a hotellike experience. This pattern is never going offseason and works all year round. With all the wall colours this can be accessorized for the complete look.

Blue colour palette

For those who need a calm look, the blue colour scheme for interiors will be the best choice. The room decor will add additional comfort to the look.

Light Brown Shade

Paint your room walls with luxurious browny tones that give a sophisticated look. These colours will act as dark woods and will appear to match transitional homes aimed at maintaining traditional aesthetics by returning to the cooler side of the colour wheel.

Lemon Yellow

Yellow represents cheers, so a lemon yellow painted wall will spread warmth and energy. Ceilings coloured with this colour will bring the more traditional house into a playful element. Use these colours in combination with different other shades of unicolour or multicolour shades.